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Ask A Rockstar - Short-term Host Homes *New Toolkit Announced*

Ryan Berg and Rocki Simões, Avenues for Homeless Youth

Discuss new Host Home Toolkit & ask Ryan & Rocki your questions!

Questions covered:

How do you manage liability issues?

How are hosts screened?

How are youth and hosts matched?

What does host training look like?

Plus your own questions!

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Wednesday September 27th, 2-3pm EST

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Ryan Berg

Ryan Berg is a writer, activist and program manager for the ConneQT Host Home Program of Avenues for Homeless Youth. His debut book, No House to Call My Home: Love, Family and Other Transgressions, won the 2016 Minnesota Book Award for General Nonfiction, the 2016 NCCD Media for a Just Society Award and was listed as a Top 10 LGBTQ Book of 2016 by the American Library Association. He lives in Minneapolis.

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Rocki Simões

Raquel (Rocki) Simões, MSW, LISW, Program Manager, GLBT Host Home Program, is a white Brazilian who came to the United States in the late 80s, fell in love with women and rice krispies treats (not necessarily in that order) and decided to stay. Most of her community organizing work has focused on queer youth, homelessness, and social justice. Most of her personal work has focused on being a loving friend, partner, ex-partner, anti-racist community member, and parent. On a good day she does some of these things well. Rocki has been at Avenues since 2007 and has a long history with the GLBT Host Home Program, which she helped start in 1997. She was honored for her work with a True Leadership Award by the True Colors Fund in September 2015.