3:00 - 4:00 Breakout Sessions

Launching Host Homes in Your Community
Moderators: Stephen Gaetz (Canadian HUB) and Ma'liyah Davis (Youth Advocate)

How We Launched Host Homes in Baltimore
Renee Stainrod & Karen Heyward-West (St. Ambrose Housing Aid)

Lessons Learned from Host Homes in Los Angeles
Rachel Pedowitz & Michal David (Safe Place for Youth)

Learning from Canada: How Communities Use Host Homes
Elisa Traficante (Raising the Roof)

Lessons Learned From Host Homes in Ohio
Daniel Stultz (Lighthouse Youth Services)


RRH Implementation Lessons: Case Management, Shared Housing & Progressive Engagement
Moderator: Adriana Rodriguez (Jericho Project)

Seattle and Rapid Re-housing in a High Cost Market: Our Approach & Lessons Learned
Danielle Winslow (All Home King County)

NYC: What We’ve Done & What We’ve Learned
Kelly O'Sullivan (Jericho Project)

Progressive Engagement: Worth the Effort
Eva Thiebadeau-Graczyk (Houston Coalition for the Homeless)

Tips from HUD on Implementation
Brett Esders (HUD)

We’ve Tried A Lot! This is What We've Learned
Jeffrey King (Community Rebuilders)



Housing as Healthcare for Youth
Moderators: Ronald Johnson (Point Source Youth Board) & Jeannette Ruffins (Bailey House)

Why Housing is Foundational to Health for Youth
Charles King (Housing Works)

Housing First for Youth Living with HIV
Dan Tietz (Bailey House)

We Need Housing to Address Trauma, Substance Use, and Healing
Carolyn Strudwick & Youth Advocate (Safe Horizon Streetworks)

New Funding Sources for Housing as Healthcare
Sparky Harlan (Bill Wilson Center)


    Innovations in Funding
Moderators: Amelia Korangy (ViiV Healthcare) & Marcelle LaBrecque (Point Source Youth)

Youth Homelessness & Systems Change from a Multidisciplinary Perspective
John Kimble & Nicole Leach (Deutsche Bank)

Cutting Edge Gender Justice & POC-led Activism
Rye Young (Third Wave Fund)

What Individual Donors Want to Fund - Tips & Tricks
Christopher Maggiano (Comerico)

Funding Equitable Solutions
Erik Estrada (Forward Promise)

The Foundation Perspective on Innovation
Aimee Hendrigan (Melville Charitable Trust)



Point Source Youth: Findings From Our Work
Moderators: Jenna Mellor (Point Source Youth) & Orlando Roybal (Point Source Youth)

An Overview of Our Work
Jenna Mellor (Point Source Youth)

New York City & Rapid Re-housing
Slaynne de la Cruz (Jericho Project)

New York City & Rapid Re-housing
Timothy Hunt (Bailey House)

Baltimore & Host Homes
Blair Franklin (Youth Empowered Society)

New York CIty & Family Strengthening
David Guggenheim (Callen-Lorde)



Effective Youth Partnership
Moderators: Matt Aronson (Consultant) & Cynthia Langtiw (Chicago School of Professional Psychology)

What We’ve Learned from Doing Youth Homless Demonstration Project Technical Assistance
Nadja Bentley (Youth Consultant) & Ziggy Keyes (Youth Advocate) (National Youth Forum)

What is a Youth (Action) Advisory Board and Why Should All Communities Have One?
Johnathan Ogden (Ohio Youth Action Board), Latifah Blades (New York Advisory Board) and Jamie Powlovich (New York Coalition for Homeless Youth)

How CoCs and Government Should Incorporate Youth In All Work (Lessons from Boston)
Matt Aronson (Consultant)

Effective Youth Engagement for Policy Change
Louis Ortiz-Fonseca (Advocates for Youth)