4:00 - 5:00 Breakout Sessions

Getting Rapid Re-housing Funded by Your CoC
Moderator: Jeannette Ruffins (Bailey House)

Why Detroit Funded Youth Rapid Re-housing
Tasha Gray (Homeless Action Network of Detroit)

Building the Case and Implementing Sustainable Funding Practices for Youth RRH
Danielle Meister (City of Baltimore)

Creating Flow Through & “Right Sizing” Your System
Eva Thibaudeau-Graczyk (Houston Coalition for the Homeless)

How Rapid Re-housing for Youth Works in LA
Christopher Callandrillo (LAHSA)



Employment for a Living Wage
Moderators: Jesus Marshall (Youth Advocate) & Amy Wilkerson (Sheltering Arms)

What Youth Employment Funders Look For
Tanya Beja (Robin Hood Foundation)

Why Income Matters & the Case for Guaranteed Income
Anne Price (Insight Center)

Employment Training for Higher Paid Work
Erik Antokal (Non-Traditional Employment for Women)



Trans, Gender Non-Conforming, and Non-Binary (TGNCNB) Youth and the Movement to #EndYouthHomelessness
Moderator: Jama Shelton (Silberman School of Social Work, Hunter College) & Sophie Cadle (Youth Advocate)

Supporting Trans Youth in DC & Speaking Truth to Power
Ruby Corado (Casa Ruby)

The Role of Family and Kinship Strengthening
Ben Davis (Ackerman Institute for the Family, Gender and Family Project)

The Urgency of Supporting TGNCNB Youth BEFORE They Age Out of Youth Systems
Jevon Martin (Princess Janae Place)

Overcoming Legal Barriers for Trans and GNC Youth
Lee Strock (Urban Justice Center)

Youth Housing Beyond the Gender Binary
Louis Ortiz-Fonseca & Emmanuel Coreano (Advocates for Youth)


    Meaningful Innovation in Community-Based Research
Moderators: Deborah Padgett (NYU Silver School of Social Work)

What the Research Tells Us About Housing First (Yes, it Works for Youth)
Ben Henwood (University of Southern California)

Introduction to the Point Source Youth Evaluation & Baseline Findings
Robin Petering (USC) and Nadja Bentley (Youth Advocate)

Key Ethical Considerations in Research
Maryanne Schretzman (NYC CIDI)



RRH Implementation: Leasing & Landlord Engagement
Moderator: Mindy Mitchell (National Alliance to End Youth Homelessness)

We’re Engaging Landlords in NYC! Here’s How
Slaynne de la Cruz (Jericho Project)

Successes & Challenges with Landlords in Baltimore
Dylan McDonough (Youth Empowered Society)

What You Need to Know About the Flexibility of Rapid Re-housing
Brett Esders (HUD)

Tips & Tricks from Valley Youth House on Working with Landlords
Andrew Palomo & Bill Motsavage (Valley Youth House)