Thank you for your interest in joining the Community Working Group! This year-long working group will bring together organizations in communities across the nation who are interested in implementing three key interventions--rapid re-housing, short-term host homes, and family and kinship strengthening--for homeless youth ages 18-24 in their communities.

Because coalition-led, community-wide solutions are more sustainable and effective, drawing from the individual strengths of various organizations, preference will be given to organizations that apply from the same community. If your organization is interested in one intervention, speak with your colleagues that may be interested in another, and both organizations should submit applications and detail their relationship as appropriate.

This working group will thus harness the energy from working at an inter as well as intra-community level to more comprehensively navigate the steps involved in planning and implementing programs within the constellation of organizations serving overlapping populations. By participating in the working group, your organization will have the opportunity to interact with organizations and communities facing similar challenges so that you can brainstorm together, share lessons learned, and create new ways forward to achieve better youth outcomes and increase your organizational and community capacity to address problems and create solutions. Point Source Youth will be facilitating and coordinating the working group so your time engaging with your fellow team members and fellow organizations is engaging and productive.

Your participation in this working group will benefit you, benefit the other organizations in your community, and benefit Point Source Youth as we improve our capacity to scale these interventions as a part of ending youth homelessness in America. Your participation will also be rewarded by having the opportunity to access scholarships for some of your served youth to attend the National Symposium on Solutions to End Youth Homelessness, 2018. Working group participants may also be invited to speak at a panel at the Symposium detailing how the group contributed to their progress the previous year.

By submitting the application, your organization is indicating its agreement with the following statements:

  • We recognize that youth ages 18-24 are an important population facing homelessness, and that such youth have unique needs and perspectives that may be best served by additional, flexible solutions.

  • We realize that a disproportionate number of these youth identify as LGBTQ+, and we honor these identities and dedicate ourselves to serving this population fully and appropriately.

  • We are committed to exploring rapid re-housing, short-term host homes, and/or family and kinship strengthening as (a) key intervention(s) for youth ages 18-24.

  • We feel confident in our organizational capacity. We can fundraise and begin to plan and implement new or expanded programs within the next year.

  • If we launch or expand a youth-serving program related to our participation in this working group, we will engage with Point Source Youth about how best to implement the standard evaluative tools, including a formative evaluation and intake, 6-month, and 12-month monitoring of youth.

This is the area where you work!

Thank you for your application!

Point Source Youth will be in contact in the first two weeks of August regarding your participation.