Ask a Rockstar 2.0


We are so excited to announce
the return of our ask a rockstar series!

Join community organizers, youth leaders, policy makers, academics, host home, rapid re-housing, and family strengthening providers in conversation about how we can end youth homelessness.

Episode 1

Rural Homelessness

with Jonathan Ogden from rural Ohio

‘Without transportation and communication, you’re isolated in effect. And that’s a lot of the feelings these people feel when they're homeless—the deep sense of isolation and disconnect…'

Episode 1 of Cafe con Sophie is live! Listen to this intimate conversation between youth advocate Jonathan Ogden from rural Ohio and NYC community activist Sophie Cadle speak about the issues affecting youth living in rural areas, or what Jonathan refers to as the 'invisible' homeless, and how we can help solve this crisis together.


Episode 2

Trans rights, housing, health care, and sex work

with pioneering trans activist Cecilia Gentili


'[Housing and health care] go hand in hand. How can you take care of your health if you don't have a place to sleep?'

Pioneering trans activist Cecilia Gentili on housing, health care, trans rights, sex work, & more in episode 2 of Ask a Rockstar.

Episode 3

Community Organizing and
the Non-Profit-Industrial Complex

w/ activist, writer, and artist Maddox Guerilla

‘Right now everybody’s awakening. We’re making stuff happen in the midst of chaos. But it’s gonna have effects on the future.’

In this episode of Ask a Rockstar 2.0, hear youth activist Maddox Guerrilla imagine the potential for youth organizing to bring about radical change in the nonprofit industry and the world at large.

Listen to Maddox share their perspective on everything from grassroots organizing to a societal shift toward transcending the gender binary. Join us at the 3rd Annual National Symposium on Solutions to End Youth Homelessness to continue the conversation with Maddox and other young activists!