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Host Homes: The Youth Perspective

Host Homes: The Youth Perspective 

Ma'liyah Davis, Center for Youth

Rosie Bender, Avenues for Homeless Youth


This edition of Ask a Rockstar is covering the topic, Host Homes: The Youth Perspective. We are fortunate to have Ma'liyah Davis from the Center for Youth, and Rosie Bender from Avenues for Homeless Youth, answering questions on the topic of host homes but from the perspective of young people who have been through a host home program. Now these amazing young people share what you should know about host homes through their first hand experience. 

For those of you not familiar with the Center for Youth, the organization was, "Started by kids, for kids, all Center services - from counseling, to shelter, to education, to referrals - are rooted in, and delivered with the knowledge that youth want to, and can, take responsibility for their life choices."

Avenues for Homeless Youth is another wonderful organization known for their service in supporting homeless youth achieve their goals and transition into adulthood. Avenues was founded in 1994 by a young woman who had no place to call home. You can read more about the organizations history here


Host Homes: The Youth Perspective - questions covered include:


  • What was it like going into a host home for the first time?
  • What would you wish all hosts know?
  • Why should someone be a host?
  • Who should not be a host?


Not able to make it to Host Homes: The Youth Perspective? Not to worry. Click the Watch Video button below to watch Ma'liyah and Rosie's answers to some important questions about host homes. 

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