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Racism & Youth Homelessness

Rapid Rehousing: Racism & Youth Homelessness


Marc Dones, Associate Director, Equity Initiatives at the Center for Social Innovation


Joined by Special Guest Rockstars:

Adriana Rodriguez, Deputy Chief of Programs and Clinical Practice at Jericho Project and Timothy Hunt from Bailey House


In this edition of Ask a Rockstar we are speaking with 3 Rockstars about racism and youth homelessness, and the intersection of rapid rehousing. 


Questions we're asking about rapid rehousing, racism, and youth homelessness include:


  • What data do you have on youth, racism, and homeless services?

  • Have you seen racism manifest in youth homelessness?

  • What is rapid rehousing and it's core components?

  • How is housing first helpful in youth homelessness?

  • Where do you think rapid rehousing fits on a harm reduction spectrum or scale?


If you were unable to make it to Rapid Rehousing: Racism & Youth Homelessness, not to worry. You can click the Watch Videos button below and catch up on all of the practical wisdom from our Rockstar experts. 

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