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Latest on Youth Experiencing Homelessness

Latest on Youth Experiencing Homelessness

Dr. Matthew Morton, Chapin Hall


Latest on Youth Experiencing Homelessness - Questions Covered Include:


  • What do you think the next thing to do is based on your findings?
  • How are TGNC affected disproportionately?
  • What are your latest findings on youth experiencing homelessness?
  • Why is couch surfing such a critical and insidious reality?
  • What has surprised you about responses from youth and families?


Dr. Matthew Morton is a Research Fellow at Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago. Morton has expertise in youth development, youth homelessness, evaluation of complex interventions, and evidence-based practices.

He currently leads the youth homelessness agenda at Chapin Hall. Morton is Principal Investigator for Voices of Youth Count, a national research and policy initiative focused on building evidence to support action on ending youth homelessness, and the Youth Outcomes Project, an effort to improve outcomes and measurement across multiple domains in systems, services, and research related to youth homelessness.

As a consultant to the World Bank, he is also involved in policy research and evaluation activities related to youth and women’s empowerment in Afghanistan and India.

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