We collaborate with service providers, policymakers, academics, and youth committed to ending youth homelessness in each city and town in which we collaborate.

Point Source Youth engages local partners in implementing rapid re-housing, short-term host homes, and family and kinship strengthening programs within the city's existing continuum of care for youth experiencing homelessness. We tailor the length, scope, and combination of interventions to the city's needs, resources, and strengths.  


In June 2017, key stakeholders in the Baltimore Pilot convened to kick off linkage and referral between programs and ensure a strong platform for effective collaboration.   Baltimore is now recruiting for host homes!

San Jose

Point Source Youth is excited to be building its partnerships in San Jose, California! Keep watching this space for more information to be posted soon.


New York City

Point Source Youth is proud to be partnering with organizations to launch a New York City Pilot that recognizes both the incredible leadership within and complexity of NYC's system of care.


Point Source Youth is looking forward to strengthening its partnerships in Detroit! Keep watching this space for more information to be posted soon. 


Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, Point Source Youth is thrilled to partner with Safe Place for Youth on Host Homes.


Minneapolis launched in 2016 and is now operating each of the three interventions locally while continuing with the evaluation phase of the program.