Be the change


Learn More About Being a Short-Term Host Home!

Be part of the change. Thinking of giving back to your community? Maybe doing more than mentoring?  

You can become a short-term host home for a young person aged 18-24! Youth and hosts are well-screened and well-matched by a Host Home Coordinator, who provides personal support throughout the entire hosting experience. Comprehensive host home training is provided, as is case management, and wraparound supports for youth. 

Check out these videos that may answer some of your questions and/or concerns on being a host home.  We understand the hesitance of opening your home to homeless youth, but being a mentor and a friend, as well as giving silent support by becoming a short-term host home far outweighs any hesitance. Not only does your support help build perseverance but it also gives a sense of direction and worthiness. Are you ready and willing to improve the life of a young person? Now is your time to have a positive impact!

Be the change—become a host home! 

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