Short-term Host Homes provide a safe and welcoming space for 1 - 6 months for youth experiencing homelessness.

Short-term host homes are an intervention for youth who are currently experiencing homelessness for any variety of reasons, including but not limited to family conflict, poverty, gender identity and sexual orientation. The goal of short-term host homes is to provide a safe, temporary, welcoming space for up to six months where the young person has time to repair their relationships with self-identified family or make decisions about other housing options with the support of a caring housing case manager.

Host homes are currently being used in numerous cities across the United States, including: Minneapolis, Baltimore, Louisville, Venice Beach, Los Angeles, San Jose, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Cincinnati, Rochester, Seattle, and others. Each community uniquely implemented the host home program to fit the needs of their youth. As with any program implementation, there is a mix of messy and magical moments that define this housing intervention.

Los Angeles

‘Anything could have happened to me. But no, a person decided to open their house to me and let me live with them for a couple of months. And right now I have a peace of mind.’

We are so grateful for our partners in California like Safe Place for Youth for introducing us to such amazing youth like Relly and Helen, who shared with us how programs like host homes have completely transformed their lives. 


‘It's all going to be a domino effect to where more people wanna help, more youth will get involved, and that's when the real change starts.’

Ken Slack, an amazing youth participant in the Avenues for Homeless Youth Host Home Program, sat down with us to talk about his experience with his two hosts, Nick & Steve. Listen to their stories, and hear how host homes have changed their lives.  


We sat down with two Host Home volunteers and two amazing young people to hear them speak about their experiences and why they decided to join Host Home programs in Baltimore. Thank you to St. Ambrose Housing Aid Center in Baltimore, MD for their amazing work!



Louisville is one of many communities helping to end youth homelessness with a new Host Home Program at Home of the Innocents. The program carefully supports and matches young people with adults who provide a safe, temporary space to live. Contact Liza Smith at for more information on how you can get involved!

Host Homes Handbook

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