Our National Symposium on Solutions to End Youth Homelessness is youth led, driven, and organized. Join us on June 17th-19th, 2019 at New York University.

For the past 2 years,

Point Source Youth has gathered thousands of government officials, community activists, young people, executive directors, program managers, case managers, and funders in the same room, all dedicated to ending the youth homelessness crisis.

Topics and discussions included Youth and Their Need for Housing First, Racism, Capital and Trans Bias, Income Now, Family Strengthening, Lessons Learned from the AIDS Movement, Rapid Re-Housing in Action, Job Training for a Living Wage, Short-Term Host Homes, Trans / GNC Needs & Solutions, Structural Barriers, the Latest Data on Youth Experiencing Homelessness, and much more.

Our National Symposium on Solutions to End Youth Homelessness is a chance for youth with lived experiences of homelessness to voice the systemic changes that need to be made, and deepen collaboration with community partners. We view youth leadership and advocacy as an important part of all organizations committed to supporting youth. We have gone to funder meetings, interviewed prospective new hires, and been active members of advocacy coalitions.

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June 17 - 19, New York University, 2019

Themes that are critical to ending the youth homelessness crisis:

  • Put youth in the center of their lives. Give them what they say they need.

  • Create low barrier programs that house youth first and unconditionally.

  • Kicking out young people from programs is a bad idea.

  • Youth need housing. They also need control and ownership of their housing.

  • Youth need support. They are also the people best equipped to determine what supports they need.

  • How can we leverage and utilize extended family, chosen family, and community networks better? How can we have thousands of host homes throughout the country?

  • Finally, can we think differently to do more and do it better? Can we give youth cash? What barriers can we remove? Can we connect youth to more effective housing and supports faster? Why are there waiting lists?