The Symposium is a youth-led conference that gives over 700 attendees tools to launch solutions that work,
so the most vulnerable youth get the housing, services, and care they need to flourish in life.

This conference is HUD-approved.
Therefore, project administrative funds awarded under the CoC and Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) Programs
may be used to attend the Conference.

On-site by 5/18 - 6/14/2019
Continuing Ed*

We don’t believe economic barriers should hinder attendance.
Please email for scholarships to cover registration.
Priority is given to youth with lived experience. 



  • NYU Skirball Hall: 566 LaGuardia Pl, New York, NY 10012

  • NYU Kimmel Center: 60 Washington Square S, New York, NY 10012


Symposium Planning Committee

Andrea Jenkins City Council Vice President - 8th Ward, Minneapolis
Blair Franklin Executive Director, Youth Empowered Society
Chris Covington Youth Advocate
Deborah Padgett Professor and McSilver Faculty Fellow, NYU Silver School of Social Work
Dennis Culhane Professor, University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy & Practice
Eva Thibaudeau Coalition for the Homeless of Houston
Jaclyn Grant Youth CES Coordinator, LAHSA
Jamie Powlovich Coalition for Homeless Youth
Jha'asryel-Akquil Bishop PSY Media & Storytelling Youth Consultant
Jonathan Ogden PSY Youth Consultant on Rural Homelessness
Kay Jackson Youth Advocate
Larry Cohen Executive Director, PSY
Maddox Guerilla Youth Advocate
Michelle R. Munson Associate Professor and McSilver Faculty Fellow, NYU Silver School of Social Work
Mindy Mitchell Director, Individual Homeless Adults, National Alliance to End Homelessness
Nadja Bentley PSY Youth Consultant
Roberto Ordeñana SF LGBT Center
Ronald Johnson Co-Founder and Board President, PSY
Sophie-Rose Cadle Community Organizer, PSY Trangender, Non-conforming, Non-binary Youth Consultant
Stephen Gaetz Director of the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness Hub