The Symposium is a youth led conference that gives over 800 attendees tools to launch solutions that work, so the most vulnerable youth get the housing, services, and care they need to flourish in life.

Featuring: 200 speakers, insightful panel discussions, 30+ in-depth trainings and workshops, performances, a networking reception, and more!


This conference is HUD-approved.
Therefore, project administrative funds awarded under the CoC and Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) Programs may be used to attend the Conference.


Early Bird by 3/8/2019
Standard by 4/5/2019
Online by 5/17/2019
Onsite after 5/17/2019
Continuing Ed* $225 $250 $275 $300 $325
Regular* $200 $225 $250 $275 $300
Student $125 $150 $175 $200 $225
Youth $25 $50 $75 $100 $100

*We don’t believe economic barriers should be a barrier for registration costs. Please email for scholarships to cover registration. Priority is given to youth with lived experience. 

To receive the preferential rate for the conference, book your room at the Washington Square hotel: the group code is 5732


Preview Agenda

Monday June 17th
Morning Trainings
& In-depth Workshops
Implementing Rapid Re-housing for Youth in Your Community

Systems, Data & Coordinated Entry (VI SPDAT Learnings) Training

Implementing Research and Evaluation in your Community

Youth Homelessness 101 for Youth: A deep Dive into Homelessness Policy, Language, Funding Streams, and More

Host Homes and Rapid Re-housing for Rural Communities
Lunch Break

Afternoon Trainings
& In-Depth Workshops
Youth Organizing and Movement Building

Implementing Host Homes for Youth in Your Community

Understanding Housing First and Harm Reduction in Practice

Rapid Re-housing in High Cost Markets: A Shared Housing Workshop

Evaluating LGBTQ Youth, Youth Involved in Sex Work and Those at-risk for Homelessness: A Deep Dive into Results from 7 Cities
Late Afternoon SessionA Way Home America State of the Movement
Tuesday June 18th
Symposium OpeningYouth Voices Video

Opening Remarks
Morning Main StageSpecial Performance

Trans Rights and Housing Rights: An Intersectional Conversation Between Sophie Cadle and Council Member Andrea Jenkins

Host Homes in Los Angeles, Louisville, Minneapolis, and Durham - A Video Portrait

Youth and our Criminal (In)justice Sytem: A Dialogue on the School to Prison Pipeline and Mass Incarceration
Morning BreakoutsMovement Building through Art and Activism

Social Justice and Ending Youth Homelessness

Housing and Healthcare are Human Rights: Now What?

Perspectives on Host Homes: A Conversation between Hosts & Youth

Organizing and Leadership: The Movement for Transgender Rights

Your Biggest Rapid Re-housing Implementation Challenges Answered by Providers

Serving Youth Experiencing Homelessness in Higher Education
Lunch Break

Afternoon BreakoutsExamining Race, Power & Privilege: A Discussion Between Providers and Youth

The Latest Data and Research on Youth Homelessness

Creating New Approaches to Ending Youth Homelessness: A Look at Work in New York and Seattle

Learnings from Implementing Host Homes in Rural Communities

Impacting Policy to Meet the Needs of Youth Experiencing Homelessness Under 18

Family Strengthening and TGNCNB Youth

Youth-led Adultism Training
Afternoon Main StageAddressing Root Causes of Youth Homelessness: Capitalism and Structural Oppression

Two-Spirit Documentary Clip on LGBTQ Violence

LGBTQ Youth Homelessness in Indigenous Communities


Wednesday June 19th
Morning Main StageTrans Youth Resiliency and Empowerment: A Video Portrait

Economic Justice, Survival and Sex Work: A Conversation

A Video Portrait of Youth Homelessness in Rural Ohio

Inherited Trauma: Considering the Present in Light of Historical Oppression
Morning BreakoutsIndigenous Activism and the Fight for Fair Housing and Land Rights

Transcending the Minimum Wage: Getting Youth Jobs that will Help them Survive and Thrive

Impacting Policy: Lessons learned from the Movement for Black Lives

Innovations in Youth Collaboration: Best Practices in Creating and Engaging a Youth Action Board

Meeting the Needs of Immigrant, Refugee and Asylum-seeking Youth Experiencing Homelessness
Lunch Break

Afternoon Main StageRace, Power, Class, Transphobia - A Video on Intersections and Youth Homelessness

Engaging Your Representatives and Holding them Accountable

Host Homes and the Ballroom Community Video

Give Youth Money: A Dialogue on Cash Transfers
Afternoon BreakoutsResults from the First Longitudinal Rapid Re-housing for Youth Study by Point Source Youth

Decolonizing Wealth: The Role of Funders in Youth Homelessness

Implementing Cash Transfers as a Tool for Ending Youth Homelessness

Empowerment vs. Tokenization: Collaborating with Youth to Tell Their Own Stories

Youth Homeless Demonstration Project, Host Homes and Rapid Re-housing: Lessons Learned

Supporting Pregnant and Parenting Youth with the Housing They Need

Symposium Planning Committee

Andrea Jenkins City Council Vice President - 8th Ward, Minneapolis
Blair Franklin Executive Director, Youth Empowered Society
Chris Covington Youth Advocate
Deborah Padgett Professor and McSilver Faculty Fellow, NYU Silver School of Social Work
Dennis Culhane Professor, University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy & Practice
Eva Thibaudeau Coalition for the Homeless of Houston
Jaclyn Grant Youth CES Coordinator, LAHSA
Jamie Powlovich Coalition for Homeless Youth
Jha'asryel-Akquil Bishop PSY Media & Storytelling Youth Consultant
Jonathan Ogden PSY Youth Consultant on Rural Homelessness
Kay Jackson Youth Advocate
Larry Cohen Executive Director, PSY
Maddox Guerilla Youth Advocate
Michelle R. Munson Associate Professor and McSilver Faculty Fellow, NYU Silver School of Social Work
Mindy Mitchell Director, Individual Homeless Adults, National Alliance to End Homelessness
Nadja Bentley PSY Youth Consultant
Roberto Ordeñana SF LGBT Center
Ronald Johnson Co-Founder and Board President, PSY
Sophie-Rose Cadle Community Organizer, PSY Trangender, Non-conforming, Non-binary Youth Consultant
Stephen Gaetz Director of the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness Hub