The South Deserves a Gathering Place for Youth Advocates and Leaders

For years I have been attending housing, education, and social justice conferences that are dominated by speakers and attendees who live and work in the Northeast or on the West Coast. While I’ve enjoyed engaging with these folks and learning from their experiences, as a Southerner I’ve often felt disconnected from conversations, particularly around access to resources, public transportation, and governmental/policy support for the communities to which I belong. This is why I could not be more excited that Point Source Youth is hosting the first Southern Symposium on Solutions to End Youth Homelessness, a gathering that is truly presented by the South, for the South

Although we have serious challenges to overcome, the South also has tremendous opportunities for community engagement and collaboration not found in all areas of the country. Our Southern Symposium will focus on networking and building a stronger, more interconnected community of folks working to end youth homelessness across our large, diverse region. We will also highlight practical solutions to issues that can be implemented immediately in your community, positively impacting the lives of youth, particularly youth of color and LGBTQ youth. I hope you will join us for this exciting gathering in Atlanta on September 16-17th!

Todd Rosendahl