Housing and Serving

Newly added to our resource library is a great presentation by Piper Ehlen of HomeBase on serving undocumented immigrants in HUD and other federal programs.  You can access it here.

“Undocumented households have rights to some housing programs that get federal funding and may be eligible for housing assistance from the federal government even if no one in the family is a citizen or has a green card."

“The purpose of this letter is to remind housing and service providers that they must not turn away immigrants experiencing homelessness or victims of domestic violence or human trafficking, on the basis of their immigration status, from certain housing and services necessary for life or safety – such as street outreach, emergency shelter, and short-term housing assistance including transitional housing and rapid re-housing funded through the ESG and CoC Programs.”

— HomeBase, 2017, National Alliance to End Youth Homelessness 2017 Conference


Colin McSwiggen