Minneapolis Pilot Program

Hello friends, supporters and collaborators,

This is the first of the updates that we'll be putting out periodically to keep you in the loop about what we've been up to.  We have two major announcements to make:

  • Our Minneapolis pilot program for 2016, and
  • The partners who we'll be working with to deliver interventions on the ground in Minneapolis.

The goal of our organization is to dramatically reduce the rate of youth homelessness throughout the US, and to lessen the harms suffered by youth who do become homeless.  We are especially concerned with improving the situations of LGBTQ youth and youth of color, who experience homelessness at disproportionately high rates relative to the general population.  We believe that we can achieve this goal by implementing three innovative interventions at scale: family reconnection, time-out housing, and rapid re-housing.

We're currently working with leading academics and service providers to design a pilot program in Minneapolis, with three goals:

  • To end or prevent homelessness for the youth who participate in the program;
  • To produce controlled, scientific research on the effectiveness of these interventions; and
  • To develop a model that we can use to scale the program to other cities and advocate for increased funding for services for homeless youth nationwide.

As part of the pilot, we're especially excited to be able to perform the first ever controlled study on rapid rehousing for youth.  HUD recently released a number of case studies on rapid rehousing for younger populations, and we're thrilled to have the opportunity to build on this research and take it to the next level of rigor.

After a great trip to Minneapolis last week, we're happy to announce that we'll be partnering with three amazing organizations in the Twin Cities area in order to deliver the pilot: Avenues for Youth, The Link, and RECLAIM.  For years, these groups have been doing incredible work to address the needs of homeless, at-risk, and marginalized youth in the Twin Cities, and their expertise will be a tremendous asset as we work to develop and deliver our programming.

Keep an eye out for our next update -- things are moving fast.  In the mean time, feel free to reach out to us with questions and ideas.  Thanks again for your interest and support!

All the best,
Larry, Colin and Ronald

Colin McSwiggen