$250,000 raised: 1st round Minneapolis funding

We've come a long way toward developing our pilot program for three innovative strategies to end youth homelessness: Family Reconnection, Short-Term Host Homes, and Rapid Rehousing.  Beginning with the pilot in Minneapolis, we plan to scale these interventions nationwide, develop a much needed body of research on effective homelessness prevention for youth, and advocate for massive increases in funding to address this urgent problem.

After a lot of hard work, site visits, and due diligence, we're pleased to announce that our first round of local fundraising has gone exceptionally well.  Point Source Youth and our partners -- RECLAIM, The Link, and Avenues for Homeless Youth -- have together raised over $250,000 of local funding towards our pilot program, including over $75,000 from local individuals and foundations and over $175,000 from Hennepin County in the form of SHIF Grants to our partners Avenues for Homeless Youth and The Link.  We'd like to extend a special thanks to the following funders:

  • Hennepin County Supportive Housing Initiative Fund
  • The Arise Project of the Greater Twin Cities United Way
  • Angie Craig and Cheryl Greene
  • Charlie Rounds and Mark Hiemenz
  • John Sullivan
  • Milo Pinkerton and Virgil Taus
  • Adam Jones

We are tremendously grateful to each of you for your support.  We are now well on our way to funding the pilot, and your contributions are making it possible.  The funds raised so far will enable us to finalize our intervention designs and research plan and to begin hiring additional staff, including two case managers and a full-time counselor.

A second round of fundraising is underway, and we are looking forward to announcing some good news about grants from the federal government and national foundations.  In the mean time, we are continuing our work on the pilot logistics and research protocols and will share more about those shortly.

A huge thank you, again, to all of our supporters, and especially to our local organization partners.  It's incredible to see such a vibrant community coming together around this project.

Larry Cohen
Ronald Johnson
Colin McSwiggen

Directors, Point Source Youth

Colin McSwiggen