Launching Baltimore Pilot

Youth Empowered Society (YES), St. Ambrose Housing Aide, and the STAR TRACK Adolescent Health Program at the University of Maryland, in partnership with Point Source Youth, Launch Innovative Solutions to Address the Youth Homelessness Crisis in Baltimore.

In recognition of the growing youth homelessness crisis in Baltimore, a Point Source Youth Baltimore Pilot is launching three innovative solutions to end youth homelessness. Youth Empowered Society (YES), St Ambrose Housing Aide, and the STAR TRACK Adolescent Health Program at the University of Maryland join Minneapolis, MN, San Jose, CA, and New York City, NY as cities launching a Point Source Youth City Pilot.

Youth Empowered Society (YES) expands its Rapid Re-housing Program for youth experiencing homelessness with additional beds and an increased length of stay, supported by HUD through the local Baltimore Continuum of Care.

St Ambrose Housing Aide launches the first host home program in Baltimore for youth experiencing homelessness.  Community members who are interested in becoming a short-term host for a young person experiencing homelessness are carefully screened and matched with youth who are supported by intensive case management by the Baltimore partners.  Hosts are positive and supportive of youth development, while recognizing the importance of youth control and autonomy over their own lives.

The STAR TRACK Adolescent Health Program at the University of Maryland expands its current work with youth experiencing homelessness to include family and kinship strengthening in Baltimore, in addition to offering individual therapy to youth enrolled in partner programs.  

“Point Source Youth is dedicated to scaling up new solutions to address the youth homelessness crisis in 50 cities in 10 years.  We are thrilled to work in Baltimore.  We have seen over the past year in setting up these programs an amazing group of dedicated, talented, and community driven partners.  We also see a commitment from the city, the Continuum of Care, philanthropists, and the community to scale up additional solutions to address the youth homelessness crisis in Baltimore,” said Larry Cohen, Executive Director Point Source Youth.

“Youth in Baltimore who experience homelessness need their own housing that they choose.  They need to determine what they need.  YES is thrilled to expand its rapid re-housing program and to partner with St Ambrose Housing Aid and STAR TRACK,” added Lara Law, Director, YES.

“St Ambrose Housing Aide’s Home Sharing Program has a long history of success and of being embedded in the community it serves.  We are excited to expand the program with host homes for youth experiencing homelessness and to continue our legacy of working to support our community,” explained Gerard Joab, Executive Director, St Ambrose Housing Aid.

“STAR TRACK works deeply with trans youth of color in Baltimore who are disproportionately affected by the youth homelessness crisis.  We are thrilled to expand our services in Baltimore, to work with local partners to provide housing supports, and to work on a new program that looks at chosen family, extended family, and kin as a potential resource to be strengthened over time,” explained Vicki Tepper, Division Head, University of Maryland.

“Point Source Youth is committed to amplifying the expertise and wisdom of local organizations to scale safe, secure, and decent housing options for young people experiencing homelessness. We’re honored and excited to be launching the Baltimore City Pilot in partnership with STAR TRACK, YES, and St. Ambrose Housing Aide as well as the youth who will provide consultation on this Pilot every step of the way,” says Jenna Mellor, Associate Director of Point Source Youth.  

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