Nadja Bentley-Hammond is an advocate from Baltimore, MD.  She is one of the founders of the Youth Empowered Society (YES) Drop-in Center. Currently, she is a executive member of the National Youth Forum on Homelessness and a Youth Research Associate with Point Source Youth. Because of her own experience, Ms. Bentley-Hammond is determined and devoted to serve young people until youth homelessness has ended.


Sophie-Rose Cadle is a 23 year-old youth trans advocate. Sophie was born in the Dominican Republic, and raised in Washington Heights, NY.  Sophie is a natural born leader, driven to make a change in the world.  Her passion is advising on law changes & city programming that affect trans and gender non-conforming folks (TGNC). Sophie's long-term goals include earning a Masters in Social Work and starting an organization that serves neglected children. 


Research Lead Dr. Robin Petering, PhD received her PhD from the University of Southern California Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work. She is a co-Primary Investigator on a multi-city study assessing the health risks and resilience of young people who are homeless or unstably housed. Her work also includes research on gang involved homeless youth, which is supported by the National Institutes of Mental Health.


Jha’asryel-Akquil Bishop is a gender nonconforming New York City-based creative and development strategist who serves as a consultant to Point Source Youth; having significant expertise and experience in programming and advocacy related to youth homelessness, physical and mental wellness, gender and sexuality, immigration, social engagement, and community development.

Bishop, also a Liberal Arts Major at the Borough of Manhattan Community College whose aspiration it is  to establish a career at the intersection of Computer Science, Psychology and Research that aid to the goal to end homelessness globally is a proud ambassador of the Point Source Youth’s Rapid Rehousing and Family and Kinship Strengthening Initiatives. Coining the phrase “No hope without a home” Bishop is working to establish an organization that invests in the personal and professional development of homelessness or unstably housed Asylum Seeking and LGBTQ+ young adults. As well as those experiencing severe and overwhelming mental and emotional vulnerabilities.