How do we #endyouthhomelessness? By empowering youth! How will we empower youth? By finding youth their own leases in their own names!

Watch Slaynne Dela cruz from The Jericho Project tell us about rapid re-housing for youth and why its works!

Rapid Re-Housing Handbook

Our 146 page, FREE, full-color handbook is full of helpful information on how to start and run a successful Rapid Re-housing program for youth!  Order your copy today and download the handbook PDF to share with other folks in your community.  

Special thanks to everyone included in our handbook and all our amazing partners working on Rapid Re-housing across the country!

A huge thank you to our incredible contributors: The National Alliance to End Homelessness, The Coalition for the Homeless of Houston, OrgCode, Jericho Project, Youth Empowered Society, Community Rebuilders, and Valley Youth House.


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About Rapid Re-housing

What is rapid re-housing (RRH)?

  • A solution to homelessness designed to help individuals and families to quickly exit homelessness and return to permanent housing

  • An intervention offered without preconditions (it is low-barrier)

  • Provides services and financial assistance that is tailored to the unique needs of the household being assisted

What are the core components of RRH?

  • Housing Identification – recruit landlords, match participants to appropriate housing that is decent, safe, will be affordable after their assistance ends, and ensure the household has choice in their housing

  • Rent and Move-In Assistance – help with the costs associated with moving into housing (e.g., security deposits, utility deposits)

  • Case Management and Services – provide tailored, voluntary, wrap-around supportive services designed to help households obtain and maintain their housing (e.g., connections to mainstream resources, employment, applying for benefits)

Why RRH?

  • Research shows that –

    - RRH is cost effective

    - People who receive RRH assistance are homeless for shorter periods of time than those assisted with shelter or Transitional Housing

  • Adopts a Housing First approach. It is client-centered and low-barrier and focuses on housing households in permanent housing as quickly as possible without preconditions

  • Helps create “flow” through your homeless response system


Rapid Re-Housing Videos


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