Rapid rehousing is a proven intervention to end homelessness among adults, by placing the highest priority on providing stable housing as quickly as possible. While short-term host homes provide youth at risk of homelessness with needed short-term support and space for development and family reconciliation, rapid rehousing is a promising intervention for older youth with greater independent living skills who do not, or cannot, reconnect to family or who need more than a month to do so. Rapid rehousing has three core components: housing identification, rent and move-in assistance, and case management and services. These three components are combined with an overall “housing first” orientation, where stable housing is provided before other issues are addressed such as substance abuse, trauma and mental health counseling and support, or other individual needs. Youth in rapid rehousing graduate to to independent accommodation or long-term placement with an extended family member.

Listen to Slaynne De La Cruz from The Jericho Project on the Dos and Don’ts of engaging landlords in New York City with youth.


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