A critical part of our mission is to build an extensive body of rigorous research evaluating our interventions.   Our research work will enable us to continually improve our methods.  It will also inform the documentation of our models and best-practices that we will use to help other organizations develop programs of their own.  Finally, research is an essential tool in our advocacy with policymakers.  We need solid evidence that our methods are both effective and cost-effective in order to achieve a massive increase in resources devoted to preventing and ending youth homelessness.

Our research publications will include evaluations and peer-reviewed studies of our pilot programs in each city; best-practices guides for implementing family strengthening, short-term host homes, and rapid rehousing for youth; and briefs for policymakers on the problem of youth homelessness and how they can help to end it.  The evidence that we gather will be used locally and nationally to advocate for continued funding for effective interventions and for addressing youth homelessness generally.

We perform our research in collaboration with a team of leading academics and consultants, including:

Listen to Point Source Youth research lead Robin Petering introduce the Point Source Youth Evaluation & Baseline Findings