Short Term Host Homes: Video


AUGUST 30 2017



What is the range of young people you see seeking Night Stop’s services?

How lengthy is the matching process between the hosts and the youth?


What does your LGBTQ training looking like?

What kind of prep is done given the rapid placement?


How do you include young people in helping to monitor and strengthen the program model?

What are some creative strategies for overcoming the difficulties for finding hosts?


How does this fit into your larger system in the UK?

Has a youth wanted to continue their host relationship? 


What sort of regular monitoring with the host or with the youth do you have?

What challenges do you see in converting what you do now to a longer duration?


What is one thing to keep in mind when setting-up a program?

What advice or lessons do you have about anti-oppressive practices?


What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned in the last 30 years from hosting?

How do you decide if a youth is a good fit? There are four zones?


Martin is Chief Executive of Depaul UK, which is part of Depaul International, a worldwide family of charities that works with people who are homeless. Depaul works to support people who are homeless and marginalised around the world; in the UK, France, Ireland, Slovakia, Ukraine, Croatia and USA. Depaul in the UK alongside its programmes of supported accommodation, family, prisons and education work leads the international Nightstop.

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