Family Voices


Eva's Family Reconnect Program connects youth and their families with holistic, nonjudgmental family therapy when youth are homeless or at-risk of homelessness. Below is feedback from families and youth via the program's Family Satisfaction Surveys.

Thank you to Natalie Zoltak, Justin Sage-Passant, and Nancy Abrams for compiling this feedback. Eva's dynamic team values direct input from families and youth, and has shared the below responses so that others can learn from their feedback!

"The Family Reconnect Program was a place where we got reassurance that all was not lost and that we were neither bad parents nor she a bad kid. Most importantly, the program allowed us to be part of the loop and part of the solution."


"The meeting location was a comfortable and quiet space. Lots of parking, too!"

"The counsellor quickly gained the trust of each of us allowing him to facilitate good discussions."

"I feel our worker worked hard for us. She did not mind me texting if I had a question or needed support."

"The Family Reconnect Program was a key component in the process of transition back into my home."

"Our son was living away from home temporarily and our meetings were arranged at our house because we wanted him to transition back into our home."

"So grateful for the help and support both during my son’s stay at Eva’s and his transition back home. Thank you so much for all you do."


"I just want to say thank you very, very much. With your help, I think I made a lot of progress in my personal growth that I probably wouldn’t have been able to do on my own. I will continue to use the coping mechanism and though patterns that you’ve introduced me to. Thank you for all the advice you’ve given me and for listening to my problems without judging me."

"Being able to meeting in our home made it easy for us to access and receive the services."

"I can't thank you enough for the help you have been at such a crucial time in my family's journey. As I'm sure you've heard, my son has a new lease on life as all his charges were dropped. It was very emotional and I am so grateful for the thoughtfulness, care and compassion we have received from the court, the Crown, all the mental health court workers we've worked with, and of course you. We wouldn't be where we are without your support. Thank you again."


"My parents and I were able to sit down in a neutral atmosphere and discuss our conflicts peacefully. We came up with solutions about how we could work together, and I began to appreciate why moving out of the home is not the best idea for me."

"The services were very accessible which was important as the issue at hand was pressing."

"We were able to meet very soon after contacting Eva’s. Also the appointments were schedule after work and school to suit all three of us. The counsellor was very accommodating."

"Over the last 6 years we have had support/connections with many agencies/people. The Family Reconnect Program was probably the best."

"All sessions were made to be conveniently located."

"It was very comforting to receive follow up phone calls after we stopped using this facility. It was nice to know that the doors were open to future intervention even after the first attempts were not successful."


"The counsellor is always willing to listen and proactively seeks out resources to assist our family. She is excellent at following up with other resources and professionals. As well, she physically will accompany us whenever needed and acts as a liaison."

"The family room was very comfortable with its privacy, separate entrance, comfortable seating and coffee pot brewing."

"Confidentiality was never an issue. Permission was always sought before any discussion took place with other professionals."

"We had weekly appointments for many months. Without this, my family and I probably wouldn’t have found common ground so quickly and effectively. We went from strangers, seemingly from different planets, to a close, open, trusting family unit."

"Our daughter suffers from ADHD, anxiety and depression and we have been working with health care professionals, doctors, social workers, and psychiatrists since she was fifteen, but the Family Reconnect Program has been the most influential in promoting change and to getting to the crux of the problem. Without their expertise, compassion and availability, we feel that we may have lost our daughter. Their knowledge of teenage issues, medications, techniques for relaxation and for dealing with anger, helped us through many challenging times. The program truly gave us a second chance with our daughter, a chance to mend fences, break barriers and heal."