Messy and Magical: A Closer Look at the GLBT Host Home Program

A book chapter from Where Am I Going to Go?

Chapter by Raquel (Rocki) Simões and Khalid Adam, Editors Alex Abramovich and Jama Shelton

The GLBT Host Home Program, offered through Avenues for Homeless Youth, provides a unique housing model for queer and trans youth who are experiencing housing instability, most of whom, in our area, are youth of colour. This program, based in Minneapolis-Saint Paul (known as the Twin Cities), Minnesota, is one of the longest-running LGBTQ2S-specific host home programs in the United States. Many communities across the U.S. and Canada have sought information on this model as they attempt to address youth homelessness. This case study illustrates key characteristics of the GLBT Host Home Program, and provides feedback gathered during two listening sessions held in August 2016, with current and past youth and host participants. The information gathered during the listening sessions highlights issues the program continually explores: namely, how do we cultivate a lens of intersectionality in this work, and support youth and hosts within the context of individual, systemic, institutional and historic oppressions?

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