‘…do we allow our youth to be homeless and sleep in the streets, and not anyone care for them? Or do we step up and actually do something about it—something meaningful?’


Listen to activist and trans youth policy advocate Sophie Cadle talk about why it’s so important for transgender, non-conforming, and non-binary youth to be included in the fight to end youth homelessness.!


Short-term Host Homes

Family and Kinship Strengthening

Rapid Re-Housing

Serving LGBTQ+ Youth

Pathways to Livable Wages

Systems Strengthening

Access to Healthcare and HIV

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2018 National Symposium

Structural Barriers: Racism, Trans Bias, Stigma, Capital

Host Homes in Action

Rapid Re-Housing in Action

Housing as Healthcare

Breakout Sessions 1 - Launching Host Homes in Your Community

Break Out Sessions 1- Rapid Re-housing Implementation Lessons: Case Management, Shared Housing & Progressive Engagement

Breakout Sessions 1 - Housing as Healthcare

Breakout Sessions 1 - Innovations in Funding

Breakout Sessions 1 - Point Source Youth: Findings from Our Work

Breakout Sessions 1 - Effective Youth Partnership

Breakout Sessions 2 - Getting Rapid Re-housing Funded by Your CoC

Breakout Sessions 2 - Employment for a Living Wage

Breakout Sessions 2 - Trans, Gender Non-Confirming, and Non-Binary (TGNCNB) Youth and the Movement to #EndYouthHomelessness

Breakout Sessions 2 - Meaningful Innovation in Community-based Research

Breakout Sessions 2 - Rapid Re-Housing Implementation: Leasing & Landlord Engagement

Day 2 - Youth Leaders Share Key Aha Moments from Day 1

Research Update: Prevalence, Characteristics, and Exit